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Smiling is an act of charity, we would be happy to receive your smile, endorsement and appreciation.
 If you would like to donate to help more youth to have access to our materials, we would be more than happy to accept your donation.

Your donation will be trusted as huge Amanah for us. Your contribution will be used to create more courses, lesson plans, interactive medias, trainings, distribution, collection, digitization, and addressing copyright issues. try to provide you with the most comprehensive set of tools and learning materials that track the latest worldwide trends of the education initiatives.  We are the one-stop site for keeping abreast of the education management and policies which involve the very principles of the human development in preparing Muslim to embrace 21st Century.
While we provide the initial work of ISMILE on our tight budget, we are actively pursuing sponsors to cover costs of creating, updating and enriching the contents. Your gift ensures we can keep ISMILE up-to-date and add more of interactive learning materials to make a difference for so many worldwide.

Some of the important task need to be carried out are listed below :
  1. DEVELOPMENT OF CURRICULUM MODEL:  To develop a base curriculum model including model syllabus and model lesson plan that answers the need of future generations. This model later on could be used by any Islamic school as a foundation in developing their own curriculum. Any school can modify and upgrade the curriculum model as necessary.
  2. ADOPTION OF SEVERAL EXISTING MODEL WORLD CURRICULA. Currently, the only existing model available is Indonesian curriculum. We would like to insert and include a number of other curriculum systems such as K-12 American, F-12 Australian and Key Stage UK.  Some works are needed to adopt several existing models including their syllabi and lesson plans into this system hence any school can have the option to implement one appropriate to them.
  3. DEVELOPMENT OF LESSON PLANS that takes into account the nature and the local wisdom of any country to enrich the cultural diversity in our learning materials.
  4. DEVELOPMENT OF MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE LEARNING UNIT: this learning unit will act as a  model unit that emphasizes interactive learning approach through video presentations, interactive media, virtual simulation and short quizzes and testing. The model will include subjects such as Islamic studies, Social sciences, the Arts, Science and Technology.
We rely on our supporters’ generosity to help us keep the establishment and the work going and stay on top of many education initiatives in all their manifestations to build a better future. Our work requires constant alertness, and we cannot do it without your help.
We will shortly release our bank account and wire transfer instructions, in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us in our address.
May Allah be pleased with our humble act.