Our Digital Interactive Library

I SMILE- CyberMadrasah hosts hosts an extensive selection of digital multimedia interactive lesson units developed by Edutekh.

It covers subjects as listed below:

1. Math courses for grade 7-12

2. Physic courses for grade 7-12

3. Biology courses for grade 7-12

4. Chemistry courses for grade 7-12

5. Social and Geography courses for grade 7-12

6. Economics courses for grade 7-9

7. Civics courses for grade 7-9

8. History courses for grade 7-12


Each course unit consists of an opening 3-5 minutes video (mostly 3D animation) about every day natural phenomenon, given as a contextual frame to act as a perspective before the actual learning begins. It is then followed by a detailed explanation of the phenomenon using several methods of interactive modes in an animation environment. 

The subject is systematically dealt with thoroughly. A mind map for each topic can be viewed. Each topic is concluded by a quiz to measure the students’ understanding. With its vivid animation pictures as well as a clear step by step process, it is hoped that the main theory or conceptual idea can be grasped easily by the students. Here are some screen shots on the student on-line learning.



Screen shoot on Introduction page



Screen shoot on Detail Material page