Lesson Plan Collections


CyberMadrassah is committed to providing high-quality, standards-based lesson plans and instructional resources. We are actively seeking and considering many other resources. Our goal is to add 5000 lesson plans and instructional resources by June 2014 to support the Indonesian Standards for Math, Sciences, Social Sciences and Civics. A primary focus of the Lesson Plans and Instructional Development Initiatives is to create original lesson plans for these subjects.

Currently CyberMadrassah allocates more than 1000 lesson plan in Indonesian Language to be used by Indonesian schools. CyberMadrassah will engage teams of educators from across the country to develop high-quality lessons. The initiative in teachers’ focus groups is to provide a professional development experience on standards and lesson plan development. The participants will work locally in small teams assisted by a local teacher leader or district facilitator. CyberMadrassah will train facilitators who, in turn, will train participants in those sessions.

Each submitted lesson plan or instruction design will be reviewed by facilitators, peer educators from across the country, and subject area experts prior to publishing. This review cycle provides feedback to the participants and ensures that the best quality lessons are created and shared. In the past a number of teachers have participated in this initiative and we are looking forward to working with hundreds more as we continue to grow this collection of amazing resource.
Please contribute to the betterment of education for the young people.